Booking Selection completed

The Booking Board has reached their decision between 214 applications. Selected artists have already received a confirmation email and the rest of applicants are about to be contacted.


The Listening/Booking Board was selected due to their knowledge and involvement in the music business and songwriting community. This year the board has been composed by Jens Jepsen (Composer/Spillestedsleder af Klaverfabrikken Live, Hillerød), Sara Futtrup (Booker/Kulturmedarbejder Kulturstationen Vanløse/Sangskriver), Zilla Raun (Sangskriver), Carlos Ochoa (Songwriter/Festival Board Member) and Martin Praetorius (Songwriter/Sound Engineer).


With a festival providing only 40 featuring artists spots this year, there are a lot of great songwriters that unfortunately were not included. We sincerely hope that all songwriters will use their time to come and visit to support the festival and enjoy their fellow songwriter performances. And hopefully submit an application again next year.


Best Regards on behalf of the festival
Benjamin Aggerbæk